Wynford Green

Toronto, ON

Sustainability advisor for overall site strategy and technical and business modeling efforts of community energy.

10,000 residents and workers

7 acres of new public parks

Targeting Toronto Green Standard Tier 2

Wynford Green


Program: Mixed-Use

Scale: 60 acres

Status: On-Going

What We Did

District Energy Business Model, Sustainability Strategy

Urban Equation is leading the project team in developing a sustainability charter for this 60-acre mixed-use site. Our support includes leading stakeholder engagement and sustainability visioning sessions, developing the project sustainability charter, providing guidance for the community energy plan (provided by our energy modeller partner) and developing the business case for sustainability. Our business model estimates the financial impacts of options, including a geosource district energy provider and onsite renewable generation as well as incentives and funding strategies to outline a path to achieve a carbon neutral community at market costs.