Algonquin College

Ottawa, Ontario

Trusted advisor for sustainability and real estate initiatives since 2007.

4 LEED Buildings
(Gold or Platinum)

3 Sustainability Strategies
(energy, water, transportation)

1 Campus Development Plan

Campus Development Consortium


Program: Campus

Status: On-Going

What We Did

District Energy, Masterplan Support, Sustainability Strategy, Water Business Modeling

In 2007 Urban Equation became a key member of Algonquin College’s Campus Development Consortium (CDC), originally conceived to support the design and construction of four major capital expansion projects. Over the past 10 years, our relationship with the College has grown considerably, having evolved from pure sustainability consultants to trusted advisors on a range of real estate and strategic initiatives.

Seeking to become a leader in the design and construction of high performance buildings, Algonquin initially sought Urban Equation’s help in developing and facilitating the integrated design process for the College to establish a decision making framework based on a vision, guiding principles and specific project objectives.

With the projects set up for success, our role shifted to compliance, ensuring the owner’s requirements were being met.

Over the years our role has evolved to one where we provide strategic guidance and support as it relates to real estate development (such as the 5-Year Campus Development Plan), and other sustainability initiatives such as energy, water, transportation and writing services for college students.